Prokofiev Sergei

  • country
  • Russia
  • disciplines
  • visual art, sculpture, performance, video art
  • languages
  • English, Russian
  • born on 12.09.1983
  • in Moscow, Russia
  • lives in Paris

contact information


Born in 1983 in Moscow, Sergei Prokofiev is a multidisciplinary artist. Trained in contemporary art in Moscow, he dedicated himself to the online art project It is not here from 2011 to 2016. His works are awarded in Russia (Nikola-Lenivets 2013, Moscow 2021) and internationally (Italy 2014, Denmark 2022). He was forced into exile in 2022 for his position against the war in Ukraine and joined l’Atelier des artistes en exil in 2023. He participates and organizes exhibitions in Europe. His artistic activity meets sculpture, using 3D printing or plastic.