Europe is currently experiencing the largest population movement on its territory of the last seventy years. These people include artists who have been forced to flee their country. Because being a refugee is not a profession, because the role of art is to say and show things that are disturbing and to give voice to the oppressed, because it is through the voices of its artists that the cultures of imperilled countries can continue to be perpetuated, it is important that artists have the opportunity to continue practising their art.

This is why the agency of artists in exile (aa-e, agency of artists in exile) works to identify artists in exile from all origins and disciplines, accompanies them according to their situations and their needs, provides them with workspaces and puts them in contact with professionals (French and European network), in order to give them the means to practise their disciplines and to restructure themselves.

The agency of artists in exile is also developing its own multidisciplinary festival, Visions d’exil (Visions of Exile), in cooperation with partner venues.

our mission

a dedicated space for the aa-e at 6 rue d’Aboukir 75002 Paris

The agency of artists in exile proposes:

  • a reception and advisory office where artists are individually received and where their needs are identified;
  • a convivial space where artists can spend time, have the use of computers with internet access, meet in small numbers and arrange appointments;
  • spaces for artistic practice where artists can come to work occasionally or in the form of residencies punctuated by presentations by professionals, or workshops on artistic practice for an amateur public.

you are an artist in exile…

You were a professional artist in your country, you had an artistic activity in your country, you wish to restart or develop your practice, the aa-e can:

  • evaluate your situation;
  • make meeting and work places available;
  • find equipped workspaces;
  • arrange meetings with professionals;
  • organise moments of public presentation;
  • establish links with other artists for exchanges or to complete a project;
  • help you write a CV or an artistic application;
  • display your profile and projects on its website;
  • support the construction of your project;
  • set up classes and training courses;
  • provide information about the French cultural system;
  • facilitate administrative procedures;
  • provide advice and point you to the right contacts for legal and social security questions;
  • propose opportunities to run workshops.

you are a professional…

You are an artist, a company, an ensemble or a collective, you work for a cultural institution or a festival, an educational institution or a school, a local authority, an association or a private company. You are looking for exiled artists for a project, you want to programme artists in exile and help them restructure their careers through residencies, programming or financial support, the aa-e can:

  • organise meetings with artists in exile and make connections with artists present in your territory;
  • organise artistic showcases;
  • help artists you may have spotted;
  • publish information about your work with exiled artists on its website.

you are an individual…

you are an individual sensitive to cause of artists in exile, you can:

  • financially support the aa-e;
  • become a volunteer for the aa-e by investing in some its actions;
  • contribute your professional skills;
  • propose space or accommodation;
  • accompany an artist in exile by sponsoring him/her.

you are a foundation, a company, an institution…

If you have financial support, you can:

  • subsidise the aa-e;
  • offer materials or scholarships for artists in exile.

you are an NGO, an association, a collective, a specialised service or body, a care facility, a French school…

You are involved in welcoming and assisting newcomers to France, you can:

  • direct artists to the aa-e;
  • contact the aa-e to set up artistic workshops.


president: Jacques Pornon

direction: Judith Depaule
codirection: Ariel Cypel
administration: Kinan Al Koudsi
coordination: Flore Couëdic
location manager : Andriy Vatrych
head of the French school: Myrtille Gasparutto
head of the music department : Daniel Blanco
international projects : Aura Burzynski
cultural outreach : Claire Peyrol
communication : Andrea Camp

graphic and web design: Studio des formes
press agent: Philippe Boulet
translation to Arabic: May Rostom
translation to the Farsi: Maral Bolouri

thanks to all the volunteers, interns and civic services


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lauréat du Prix Culture pour la Paix 2018 de la fondation Jacques Chirac et de la fondation Culture & Diversité