support aa-e

by check
to make a donation by check, you can send a letter to the agency of Artists in exile, 102 rue Poissonnière, 75018 Paris

via PayPal
to make a donation via Paypal, go to the link below:
faire un don !

through a bank transfer
to make a donation via bank transfer, you can download the RIB on this link:
RIB aa-e

in need of

for the premises
tables, chairs, armchairs, lockers

for the classrooms
(learning French through art)
furniture (chairs, desks), notebooks, pens, books in French, computers (portable and stationary)

for sound studios
of instruments (guitar, bass, oud, percussion, accordion …) cables, microphones, microphone stands, bass amp, guitar amp, pedals, battery mutes

for sculptors 
drawing supplies, painting, sculpture, architecture

for Filmmakers and Photographers
cameras, digital cameras, tripods, light, video projectors

for the post-production studios
of recent and powerful Macintosh computers, a sound system, external hard drives

for dance studio
mirrors, bars

also looking for

like many migrants, the artists of the workshop are very precarious and do not eat every day. All food (including preserves, prepared meals) is welcome.

housing is the number one problem for artists in exile. The workshop seeks:

  • of individuals with rooms available in their homes, an apartment, a house for a period of  few days to some months.
  • individuals willing to share their homes, as housemate or roomate.
  • owners agreeing to rent an apartment to an artist in exile with aa-e as rental guarantee

looking for volunteers

in different fields

  • teachers for French classes
    (FLE lessons, conversations)
  • artists for teaching French through art (theater, singing, image, digital)
  • jurists, psychiatrists, psychologists,
    social workers
  • accompanying artists in their administrative procedures
  • accompanying and offering cultural outings