Farah Andooz Kambiz

  • country
  • Iran
  • disciplines
  • composing, dubbing, music, percussion, production, singing, sound engineer
  • languages
  • English, French, Persian
  • born on 18.06.1979
  • in Teheran, Iran

contact information


Born in 1979 in Teheran, Iran, Kambiz Farah Andooz is a musician and sound engineer. He started keyboard instrument from his earliest age, then, he learned drums and trumpet as a self-thaught during his teenage years. He sings and he is a classic and pop songs teacher. Sound engineer since 24 years (recording, soundtrack, dubbing, audiovisual skills, sound engineer during live events), he was graduated from the computer sciences license of the University of Azad in Iran. He worked at the Kafman Studio in Teheran, at the Gem TV in Kuala Lumpur and at the production with an orchestra in France. He is a member of the agency of artists in exile since 2021.