Saboor Abdul

  • country
  • Afghanistan
  • disciplines
  • photography, Documentary photography
  • languages
  • english, dari, urdu, Pashto, persian, french
  • born on 10.03.1992
  • in Nagrahar, Afghanistan
  • lives in Paris, France

contact information


Born in 1992 in Nagrahar, Afghanistan, Abdul Saboor had to support himself from a very early age. After working with the U. S. military for six years and wanted by the Taliban, he was forced to flee his country. Always equipped with a camera by his side, he decided to document and immortalize the journey of his two years in exile. He trekked across Europe to reach France, where he decided to settle in 2017. His photographs are exhibited in Serbia, Spain, England, and Poland and France (showcased at the Ministry of Culture at the Palais Royal, the Cité du Mot at Charité sur Loire, the Théâtre Sénart, CCAM – scène nationale de Vandoeuvres- lès-Nancy, La Friche – Belle de Mai in Marseille). He is a member of the agency of artists in exile since 2018.