Mbelani Aziany (Mussi-Kongo)

  • country
  • Congo Brazzaville
  • disciplines
  • dance, music, percussion, singing
  • languages
  • French, Italian, Lingala
  • né le 29.04.1990
  • in Brazzaville - République du Congo

contact information


Aziany Roccard NKouba Mbelani, whose real name is Mussi-Kongo, was born on April 29, 1990 in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. He witnessed and lived through the consequences of the civil war in Congo in 1997. Trained as a singer, dancer and percussionist by Banzouzi Jean alias Maître-Djim, co-founder of the group Tambours de Brazza, he soon discovered the world of live performance with this group. In 2005, he became leader of the group, artistic director of the ballet nursery and took part in the first edition of the Fespam children’s competition, winning first prize. In 2009, with Dady Sentso, he created the hip-hop group BZ-connection, took part in the Grand Prix de Rap de Pointe-Noire and won second prize. Between 2010 and 2012, Mussi Kongo takes part in several music workshops with Rido Bayonne and Eddy Mboyo, slam and poetry writing techniques with Styl’oblik at the Institut Français du Congo, and the Riapl and Mantsina sur scene festivals.He tackled the reggae style by creating the group Kizma Connection in 2012. Through his committed music, his lyrics address climate change, injustice and corruption. His stint in the Afro-gospel group Rhythkum, his childhood in the circle of Sony Labou Tansi, under the influence of the groups Langui, Biya Lu Nkoyi, @friacain, New-Feeling, as well as artists like Ticken Jah Fakoly, Alpha Blondy, Mad Pluma, have all contributed to nourish his music.
He sings in French, English and Kikongo, the national language of the Kingdom of Kongo dia Ntotila. His music blends jazz, rock, souckous, traditional rhythms and reggae. With his group Kizma Connection, he released an album entitled Éveil, available on streaming platforms. He became a member of l’atelier des artistes in 2023.