(Conde Mamady)
Atelier des Artistes en Exil, Paris octobre 2020
  • country
  • Guinea
  • disciplines
  • dance
  • languages
  • French, Italian, Peul, Sousou
  • né le 08.06.1999
  • in Conackry, Guinée
  • lives in Paris, France

contact information


Born in 1999 in Conakry, Guinea, Mamady Conde was obligated to flee his country for family and political reasons. As a fan of Chris Brown, he learned dancing through self-teaching, with a group of dancers named The Bad Boys, and by watching videos on the internet. Influenced by breakdancing, he performed during battles and competitions. He arrived in France in 2019 and participated in the Festival Visions of Exile’s 3rd edition with the group Trio d’Afrique. He became a member of the agency of artists in exile and leads dance workshops for children. He danced for Maryam Samaan’s puppet show named Rupture.