Rezk Afia

  • country
  • Syria
  • disciplines
  • drawing, installation, collage, engraving
  • languages
  • Arabic, English, French
  • born on 01.01.1980
  • in Arabie Saoudite
  • lives in Pontoise, France

contact information

  • facebook : Afia Rezk
    instagram : afia_rezk


    Born in 1980 in Saudi Arabia, Afia Rezk is a painter and craftswoman who uses recycled material to create her work. She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus and teaches art to children. Since the Syrian Revolution began, her professional career has shifted into cultural event coordination. In terms of her visual art, Afia has participated in numerous exhibitions in Syria and Lebanon. In 2018, she decided to flee the war with her entire family so that they could start life anew in France. In early 2020, she does an exhibition in the Atelier Dar in Pontoise. She is part of the agency of artists in exile.