Africolor Festival

08.12.2017 10.12.2017

During the Africolor, “hospitality” night show, artists in exile will welcome the public and present their arts, performances…


Friday, 8th of december, 18 h

Conference: Wich statut for artists in exile in France ?
With Zone Franche, Musiques du Monde, the speakers will explain the artistic and societal issues for the artists and for the countries which welcome them.
Bobigny, MC93 


8th of december, 20 h 30

Concerts : Refugees for Refugees + Lamma Orchestra invite Alsarah + Alsarah & The Nubatones
A musical dialogue between various traditions to understand differently the cultural diversity, to understand refugees situation through music.

Lamma Orchestra invite Alsarah
The orchestra is led by the flutist GHANDI ADAM, with professional muscians from sudanese diaspora soudanaise and with artistes from The Agency of Artists in exile. All Together, they will play the Lamma Orchestra (traditional and sudanese rétro-pop music).

Alsarah & The Nubatones
Alsarah and his musicians try to make a perfect sound between urban culture and traditionnel culture from Sudan.


Sunday, 10th of december, 19 h 30

Projection : Beats of the Antonov
The filmmaker Hajooj Kuka proposes an immersion in the world of the Sudanese farmers and the rebels of the regions of the Blue Nile and the Nuba Mountains (South Sudan), which celebrate their inheritance and protect their lands face to the bombardment by the government of Khartoum (in the North). The director, with the singer Alsarah, will present this conflict through art and music.
Aubervilliers, Cinéma LeStudio | 6€ >3€