Yacouba Konaté

Bibliothèque de Montreuil

Born in 1980, Yacouba Konaté is a singer, a storyteller and a composer from Côte d’Ivoire. In 2010 he had to run away from his country. Afterward, he spent three years in the camp of Choucha in Tunisia where he started to learn singing and composing. In this camp, he worked for the DCR (Danish Refugee Council– ONU), played for music festivals and recorded an album.

Since 2016, Yacouba Konaté lives in France. He works as a musician for the movie Choucha (he is one of the characters of this movie), made by Sophie Bachelier and Djibril Diallo.

During this event, he will play “Le Jeune Yacou”, a musical show for young audience, with a Gambian percussionist Waly Saho.