23.07.2018 27.07.2018
l'atelier des artistes en exil

A week of collective work around the question of story and storytelling: “to tell one’s story, how, why?”.

With the intervention of French actresses and comedians.

This workshop will be filmed and recorded by two film technicians.

Several possibilities will be investigated:

An OTHER Storytelling: portrait

How do you tell your story? By what means? Forget the interview, the mandatory questions, intrusions: dancing, singing, painting, playing, … or tell how we’d do it.

Each artist will be asked to propose a form by which he thinks he can tell his story, how to convince someone of his sincerity, of his truth, of his legitimacy to be heard.

Tell us a story: a thousand and one stories
Everyone tells a story, any story: that has only a beginning a middle and an end, a story of exile or not, a personal story or not, made up or true, a childhood story or a tale.

We will work to create links between each story, to look for meeting points. Then we will try to transform all these stories in one, and weave a common narrative.

an encyclopaedia of stories
Everyone tells his story together in his own language. Camera face, like a real choir. HF microphones will be provided. The voices that rise and fall in a score composed together: solos, choirs.

Two people: an artist and an actor who pervert the situation of an asylum interview. The actor does not remain silent, he also speaks. How stories mingle and meet.

A postcard filmed in a location chosen by each artist who addresses a person of his choice and tells him of exile in France, real or dreamed.


Monday 23 to Friday 27, every day from 2:30pm to 6.30pm

–  Registration required. You have to confirm your presence by e-mail :

Participants may not be French speaking.

This workshop will be an opportunity to make portraits that could be spread.