Support artists in exile!

01.02.2018 31.03.2018

The atelier of artists in exile (aa-e) is launching a fundraising campaign for artists in exile on the crowdfunding website Ulule. 

Go to Ulule | Support artists in exile !

A unique structure in France, the aa-e’s mission is to support artists in exile and raise them on the French cultural community. Since his creation a year ago, the association has welcomed more than 150 artists from 15 countries: painters, directors, architects, musicians, photographers, singers, writers, sculptors…

Artists in exile are often devoid of their materials. The musicians have ran away without their instruments, the painters without their canvases, the cinema directors without their video material… They need quality equipment to support their artistic projects.

Support artists in exile, so that they can continue to express themselves and testify about their cultures.

100% of the funds collected during this campaign will be intended for artists (the association is authorized to issue tax receipts). 

We count on you to relay, alert, explain and convince your entourage to participate in our fundraising campaign. 

Go to Ulule | Support artists in exile !