« STOP WARS », the gallery of the aa-e x Party in exile

28.04.2022 29.04.2022
the agency of artists in exile, 6 rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris

An ephemeral gallery and a musical evening against war.

exhibition → Thu 28th and Fri 29th of april from 6 to 10 pm :

with Darya Apakhonchich (Russia), Tanya Cheprasova (Ukraine), Mambo’o D27 (Angola), Mahmoud Halabi (Syria), Omar Ibrahim (Syria), Mohammad Imrani (Palestine), L’enga Kingo Hugor (DRC), Renata Litvinova (Russia), Richie Nath (Burma), Les pleureuses (Russia), Daria Serenko (Russia), Cristina Zaharchuk (Ukraine), Sasha Zaitseva (Ukraine)

concert → Fri 29th at 8 pm :

▪️20h – Sasha Morozova (Ukraine), contemporary piano concert
▪️21h – afrobeat concert with Mass Basse & Mpévé band (DRC)
▪️22h – dj set afrohouse with DJ Ketchup Afro (Angola) and Mikel Engel (Ukraine)

l’atelier des artistes en exil
6 rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris