Party in exile x gallery of the aa-e “Artchives”

11.05.2023 12.05.2023
l'atelier des artistes en exil, 6 rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris

For this first edition in 2023 party in exile x the aa-e gallery: an exhibition around art and archives, followed by a concert evening to celebrate the return of the beautiful days!

◇ May 11 – 6pm to 10pm ➝ vernissage of the aa-e gallery
◇ May 12 – 6pm to 10pm ➝ aa-e gallery
8pm to midnight ➝ party in exile

exhibition with Hamza Abuhamdia (Jordan), Maral Bolouri (Iran), Tetiana Cheprasova (Ukraine), Taisiya Krugovykh (Russia), Elena Landa (Russia), Anastasie Langu (DRC), Magloire Mpaka (DRC), Aleksey Shchigalev (Russia), Oleksandr Stoianov (Ukraine), Anton Zabrodin (Russia), Anna Soz (Russia), Li Li k.s.a. (Burma)

concert with Basem Al-Ashkar and Alex Nadzharov, the Bakala Band, DJ Sahrouh

bar and catering on site

➝ entrance on free donation