Medhat Soody exhibition

24.11.2017 15.02.2018
Opéra de massy, 91300 Massy

Exhibition by Medhat Soody, Egyptian photographer. A “Body and movement” work.

“The expression of the human being through his body and his movements, whether artistic or not, is only the reflection of his soul, his life, his experience, and his deepest being. Regardless of time, place or setting, these movements show his urgent need to express rebellious freedom, an inner revolution, a profound evolution, the search for appeasement, the cry of despair or a song of love. They are internal movements essential to any external movement in the life of a human being and in his contact with others. Moments haunted by a humanity that seeks itself but also gives itself fully. These moments, in my opinion, are the basis and the very essence of the live show I tried to capture.”

Medhat Soody