March : Judith Depaule, Mabel Octobre and the aa-e in residency at the Maison des métallos

01.03.2022 25.03.2022
Maison des métallos, 94 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011, Paris

For the residency of Judith Depaule during March at the Maison des métallos, Mabel Octobre and the agency of artists in exile collaborate between each other. On the programme : shows, walks, fiesta… a journey between cultures and testimonies on exile.

Theatre play  Je passe (1 to 4)
Enter the intimacy of the stories of artists in exile who give voice to their journey after having left everything behind. Actors lend them their voices and this transmission is shaped as a link.

Augmented sentimental walk
The Bas-Belleville through the life and exile stories of its inhabitants.

Fiesta Before, we knit (our memories)
A party between here and elsewhere.

detailed programme