L’exposition « Où est la maison de mon ami ? »

22.01.2019 14.04.2019
Maisons des arts- Centre d'art contemporaine de Malakoff ( 105, avenue du 12 février 1934 92240 malakoff )

Commissaires : Paula Aisemberg, Dunia Al-Dahan et Véronique Bouruet
Aubertot, pour le Collectif Portes Ouvertes sur l’art contemporain syrien *
Ola Abdallah ; Azza abo Rebieh ; Dino Ahmad Ali ; Najah Al Bukai ; Bissane Al Charif;
Akram Al Halabi ; Nour Asalia ; Tammam Azzam ; Khaled Barakeh ; Diala Brisly ;
Walaa Dakak ; Khaled Dawwa ; Walid El Masri ; Iman Hasbani ; Sulafa Hijazi ; Nagham
Hodaifa; Randa Maddah ; Collectif Masasit Mati ; Mohamad Omran ; Khaled Takreti;
Reem Yassouf.

Presented from 14 January till 14 April 2019 , the exhibition “Où est la maison de mon ami ?”, is a continuation of the commitments made by the “Maisons des arts”, contemporary art center of Malakoff, and his willingness to present and to discuss topics related to current events. By uniting around twenty artists that resembles the syrian contemporary art , the art center intends to offer artists a dialogue and the opportunity to testify.


A poetic nod to Abbas Kiarostami’s 1987 film , “Où est la maison de mon ami ?” Discusses the question of lose and forced exile on a hand, and reconstruction, between memories,dreams and nightmares.

Lost house, destroyed house, dream house, reinvented house… each artist and his story , his fractures and his humor, his poem and his revolting, emerge a vibrant and sensitive world that tells us other versions of reality .

Installations, videos, photographs, paintings, drawings, sculptures…

Their work come to symbolize, the interior of a house made silences and din, pain and softness, arrests and dream invitations.

The house that protects us, the friend that keeps us company, and advise us. The art that allows us to sublimate the experience .