Jamal Eldin Ahmed

13.11.2017 02.12.2017
Centre Montgallet, 75012 Paris

Exhibition Searching for freedom at Centre Montgallet.

JAMAL ELDIN AHMED is a sudanese artist. He started to learn art in Karthoum since 1988. With the seizure of power of the Islamic government in the Sudan, the freedom of expression became more and more restricted, and Jamal decided to stop its studies to join groups of free artistic expressions.
In 2007, he had to run away from his home country, and went to Turkish, then Greece. He spent 8 years in Greece. There, he joined an environmental political movement for whom he started a political artistic work. He also worked with a refugees center, where he present his work with other artists.
In 2015, he left Greece for Germany, before to join France in 2016. Jamal Eldin Ahmed joined the Agency of artists in exile 3 months ago. Now, he would like to study arts and design. His main artistic subject is Freedom. He want to help his country and to make sensitive in the education by means of his paint.