IN EX(ILE) LAB : Master classes from 22 to 27 May 2023 at Chaillot Theater

22.05.2023 27.05.2023
Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse

IN EX(ILE) LAB is a laboratory led by the atelier des artistes en exil (aa-e) and co-financed by the Creative Europe program, which brings together nine cultural structures based in France, Italy, Cyprus and Portugal. IN EX(ILE) LAB aims to establish the necessary tools to accompany artists in exile.

A group of twelve artists based in the four participating countries has been selected to take part in a one-year program starting in May 2023. The objective is to test transdisciplinary pathways in which artists in exile can enrich their artistic practice, increase their mobility within the European space and forge links with new partners and spectators.

This program includes:

➝ activities focused on artistic creation and practice: a session of master classes at Chaillot, an audiovisual creation workshop, residencies around individual creative projects in the field of performance and pitch sessions for these projects ;

➝ activities that respond to a need for information, contextualization and professional support: a mentoring program by artists with proven track records, a webinar session.

From this experimentation will emerge methodologies for professionals to increase the participation of artists in exile in the cultural and creative sectors in Europe.
A toolkit will be published at the end of the project, and will encourage cultural organizations to appropriate the tools developed during the lab.

From May 22 to 27, 2023 inclusive, Chaillot will host 6 of the artists selected for the IN EX(ILE) LAB for a week of master classes.

They will attend multidisciplinary masterclasses given by the six IN EX(ILE) LAB mentors who are established European artists whose work and/or personal histories resonate with migration and exile. Each of the artists will present their own artistic practice and work processes to the participants and share their knowledge and experience.

The choice of this week of master classes responds to the need for artists recently arrived in Europe to be introduced to the practices of artists operating in the cultural and professional space of their host country. It will also be an opportunity for the participants to question the porosity of the borders between artistic disciplines and to begin to explore a multidisciplinary approach.

At the end of the week, mentor/mentee pairs will be formed. Participants will also be invited to share their performance project submitted to IN EX(ILE) LAB.



MAY 22
14:00-18:00 ➝ Muna Mussie
Construction/deconstruction of identity
The investigation starts with three themes and three gaps: mother tongue, sight and memory. The aim is to share one’s perception of darkness, to reactivate the dull memory by mixing the mother tongue and the adopted language through common reflections and practices aiming at rethinking one’s image and identity.

MAY 23
10:00-13:00 ➝ Kamilya Jubran
“Music makes it possible”
Kamilya Jubran will share her experience in the field of music. Through her work, Kamilya Jubran focuses mainly on finding an answer to the questions: how to create new spaces and horizons for what can be sung in Arabic languages today? How to imagine ways for the past, the present and probably the future to meet, to forge
and create new breaths?

14:00-18:00 ➝ Ana Pi
STEADY BODY; peripheral dances, sacred gestures
The complex body of Afro-diasporic dances is one of the most enduring ancestral technologies of resistance we know today. These manifestations, reinvented by the black population in the Americas and Caribbean territories, have long been classified as folkloric, ethnic, social, popular, rural, or even urban, so that studies can be conducted. Many of these studies, by privileging the dynamics of “museification”, through the logics of what is or is not collectible or editable, have ended up obscuring what remains most sophisticated and free in these emancipatory practices.
Through the lab entitled STEADY BODY; peripheral dances, sacred gestures we will try out the different layers that constitute these radical movements in what they have in common: futurism, groove, tension, recodification and the journey of the image. By experimenting with different traditional axes and artistic regimes, each journey will be an opportunity to dive into the histories, major figures, aesthetics, and intersections between poetics and politics of invisibility and the stable body.

MAY 24
12:00-18:00 ➝ Ntando Cele
Creating performance for change: how do we perform as a healing body?
This workshop will explore how vulnerability can be transformed into strength in artistic work. When healed and empowered individuals embody certain qualities, a range of creative solutions emerge. Through introspection and self-exploration, we discover powerful and authentic artistic expressions.

MAY 25
10:00-14:00 ➝ Nadia Beugré
How to “shrift”, how to bounce back from the obstacle, the unforeseen, the unexpected, how to adapt, to get around. Shrifting, a neologism coined by Nadia Beugré, is a common practice in most African countries, where citizen-magicians invent their survival every day. Listening to others, to the music of bodies, to space, but also to the invisible, participants will learn to confront what was not expected or foreseen, to let themselves go and embark on other destinations, other journeys…

15:30-18:00 ➝ Smaïl Kanouté
Guest artist.

MAY 26
10:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00 ➝ Jeanno Gaussi
Displaced Objects – Mobility, migration, and relocation are among the fundamental experiences that shape our society today.
The workshop begins with a simple question: what would you take with you if you had to leave? We will discuss the relationship between displaced objects and their owners in the context of forced migration. Artists are invited to reflect on the expectations, emotions, and questions that objects raise when they are kept as treasures.

19:30 ➝ Meeting at the Atelier des artistes en exil, 6 rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris

MAY 27
11:00-14:00 ➝ Debrief session with the mentors and the 6 artists.

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