festival 4,3,2,1…

17.08.2021 11.09.2021
Paris Centre & Île-de-France

the summer festival of the agency of artists in exile

→ detailed program on festival.aa-e.org

4,3,2,1… is a countdown, an impulse post lockdown, a call for a new start, an attempt to think about time, an incentive to come back to life, to reconnect with the basics, to recover forgotten smells and tastes.

4,3,2,1… are the four first parisian boroughs grouped into a single set, Paris Center, where the agency of artists in exile takes place and where its festival expands

4,3,2,1… includes a summer programming which registers into the  Cultural Summer set up by the cultural minister from the city of Paris

4,3,2,1…are masterclasses, a carnival, a parade, shows, concerts, Parties in exile, most of the time outside, in emblematic places (jardin du Palais-Royal, Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection, Swedish Institute, Hôtel d’Albret, Forney Library, Carreau du Temple…), on free access.