exhibition “Remasks”

09.03.2022 09.04.2022
Mairie de Paris Centre, 2 Rue Eugène Spuller, 75003 Paris

The exhibition Remasks presents a set of variations created by artists of the aa-e on the topic of the mask. These variations evoke the wearing of the health mask that has marked our lives since the beginning of the pandemic, but also the way the mask can hide as well as reveal who we are. Etymologically, the word “person” actually means “mask”.

Exile is a mask from which it’s difficult to get rid of. In their creations, the artists of the aa-e try to rebuild themselves and resist to the imposition of assigned identities. With sixteen photographic reproductions, Remasks is a tribute to the multiplicity of the geographical origins of the artists represented, their visual vocabularies and the techniques used (collage, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and photomontage). All the pictures are set by a common format, a square with a close-up of a mask or a face.

With artworks of Khaliq Alizada, Maral Bolouri, Mambo’o D27, Oroubah Dieb, Younes Faghihi, Mahmoud  Halabi,  Ahlam Jarban, Yannos Majestikos, Sim Marek, Tickson Mbuyi, Hura Mirshekari, Ayoub Moumen, Richie Nath, Cristóbal Ochoa, Maryam Samaan and Sepideh Ziaei.