Exhibition « Mères d’exil » in Liège

18.02.2023 28.05.2023

How to translate exile in art? What if it is the artist herself who lives the exile? How to use it to tell the story of the separation from the native land, the causes of the departure, the crossings? How can one continue to create when pushed outside?

The exhibition Mères d’exil – Regards d’artistes (Mothers of Exile – Artists’ Views) multiplies the views on exile, thanks to the works of thirty artists who have lived through it or who work on this theme.

With Taysir Batniji, Bruno Boudjelal, Daria Burleshina, La caravane des possibles, François-Xavier Cardon, Monica Cantillana, Tanya Cheprasova, Oroubah Dieb, Papa Divin, Adelin Donnay, Dewran Evdirehîm, Younes Faghihi, Stas Falkov, JR, Costa Lefkochir, Richard Lusak’s, Peshawa Mahmood, Mambo’o D27, Tickson Mbuyi, Hura Mirshekari, May Murad, Richie Nath, Jean-Paul Philippe, Duaa Qishta, Enrique Ramirez, Maryam Samaan, Varya Yakovleva, Wooh, Mehdi Yarmohammadi, Sasha Zaitseva