WAITING, a reflection on waiting

09.01.2018 26.01.2018
La Mairie du 10e, 72 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin 75010

Abdelmoneim RAHAMTALLA and Kubra KHADEMI, two artists from the agency of artists in exile, will be exhibiting their work during the event Waiting, a reflection on waiting, which takes place at the mairie du 18ème.

Sculpture, paintings, photos, videos and texts will tell of the expectation that journalists at the Maison des Journalistes are facing during the long journey of exile they have been forced to embark on.

All were threatened in their countries, some of them imprisoned, for wanting to exercise their profession freely. All of them have found refuge in France, more precisely within the Maison des Journalistes, the only structure in the world dedicated specifically to the accompaniment and accommodation of exiled journalists.

In addition to their journalistic careers in the country, participants include poets, videographers, painters, illustrators, photographers and photographers, out of envy or necessity. Coming from Algeria, Afghanistan, Syria, Syria, Turkey, Sudan, Yemen and Morocco, each of them has their own individual history but they all mix rebellion and courage throughout their activism.

Avec : Abdelmoneim RAHAMTALLA, Abdulrazak ALJUMAA, Ahmad AL GABR, B., Beraat GOKKUS, Hicham MANSOURI, Kubra KHADEMI, Larbi GRAÏNE, M., Mariam MANA, Mortaza BEHBOUDI, Rahima NOORI, Shiyar KHALEAL

Source : Mairie du 10è et la Maison des journalistes