exhibition by artist Ahlam Jarbanau at the Festival Jaune Moutarde

22.08.2019 25.08.2019
Le Vivier - Brassy (58140)

The work of Yemeni artist Ahlam Jarban will be exhibited at the festival Jaune Moutarde, between the 22-25 August 2019, at Grange du Vivier (Brassy).

Born in 1992 in Sanaa, Yemen, Ahlam Jarban is a graduate of Geology. She turns to painting, and participates in Sana’a TEDEX, Women’s Day Exhibition and exhibitions with the group Basement. She endures the war in Yemen and the difficulties linked to being a racialised woman (she is originally from Somalia and Ethiopia) in a close-minded, patriarchal and ethnically-divided society. She chooses graffiti as a form of expression, paints despite the obstacles. Her feminist work expresses her pain. In Paris since February 2018, she has integrated the « programme d’étudiants invités » at the Beaux-Arts.

« My paintings reflect my experience as an exiled Yemeni artist, forced to leave my country of origin for the global capital that is Paris. They explore my vision of the city and conceptualise my ambivalent feelings.»

Artistic techniques: edited photographies with plastic and acrylic painting.