Dighya Moh-Salem band play at the Festival de la cour denis

Ferme de la Cour Denis, Chevigny

Dighya Moh-Salem band will play this summer at the Festival de la Cours Denis in Lormes on Saturday 27th July 2019!

Location: Ferme de la Cour Denis, Chevigny
Time: 8pm on the main stage

Dighya Moh-Salem band consists of the Sahrawi singer Dighya Mohammed Salem, the Sahrawi musicians (Brahim Lambarki – basse et Hamza Boussaoula – electric guitar) and the Sudanese musician Ahmed Shawgi (percussions).

The band reworks traditional Sahrawi music and develops original compositions that sing the landscape of Western Sahara, the suffering of the Sahrawi people, the loss of their lands and their struggle for liberty.

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