Zaitseva Sasha

©Alexandre Katchkaev
  • country
  • Ukraine
  • disciplines
  • installation, visual art
  • languages
  • English, French, Russian, Ukrainian
  • born on 02.04.1994
  • in Donetsk, Ukraine
  • lives in Paris, France

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Born in 1994 in Donetsk, Ukraine, Sasha Zaitseva grew up in a Russian-Ukrainian family where she felt “cultural dualism was the norm”. It wasn’t until 2014, during the Ukrainian civil war, that she realised she had two distinct cultural heritages. That same year she took part in the Salon d’Automne International in Tel Aviv (Israel). She has exhibited in France (Tonka and Charlot galleries, atelier des artistes en exil in Paris, Magasins Généraux in Pantin, Havas headquarters), Belgium (Cité Miroir in Liège) and Denmark (Musée de Greve, 2021) and performed at the Visions d’exil festival (Rituels, 2024) at the Gaité Lyrique. She is the winner of the 2018 UNESCO “Express yourself: culture as an agent of peace” prize, and is in residence at the Narva Art Residency in Estonia and as part of the ACCR’s Nora programme at the Chartreuse de Neu-ville with Alisa Savina. She is a member of the Artists in Exile Workshop.