Yurasova Maryna

  • country
  • Ukraine
  • disciplines
  • music
  • languages
  • English, French, Russian, Ukrainian
  • born on 08.01.1975
  • in Kiev, Ukraine

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MLADA , whose real name is Maryna Yurasova, is a Ukrainian singer of ethnic jazz.
Her style is described as ethno-jazz, ethno-fusion and ethno-pop. MLADA’s creative style combines the characteristics of authentic Ukrainian folk song with elements of jazz and pop.
MLADA is best known for her solo album “Oi Vesna, Vesna” (Oh Spring, Sweet Spring), released in 2005. This album is considered to be the first authentic Ukrainian ethnic-jazz work, built on authentic material. The album presents an original vision of Ukrainian folklore, fusing it with contemporary jazz musical trends. It has been broadcast on radio stations around the world, where it has been recognised as one of the most interesting projects in contemporary Ukrainian music. The singer’s work was included in the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Ukraine (2006-2011).
Mlada (Млада) is an ancient Slavic name meaning “young”. Basically, it symbolises youth, freshness, spring, renewal and vitality.
“This pseudonym came about during the creation of the album ‘Oy Vesna, Vesna’, thanks to the song “Sydyt Mlada za stolychkom” (A young woman “mlada” is sitting at a small table). I liked the idea of releasing an album of old songs, almost all linked to the theme of spring, under the springtime name of Mlada”).
Mlada has been a member of the Agency of Artists in Exile since 2022.