Verkhovksi Sergii

  • country
  • Ukraine
  • disciplines
  • music, poetry
  • languages
  • English, French, Russian, Ukrainian
  • born on 27.03.1986
  • in Kharkiv, Ukraine

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Born in 1986 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Sergii Verkhovskyi is a poet and musician. At the age of 13, he wrote his first song and formed his first rap group. His professional music career began in 2009 when he became the singer and lyricist of a post-hardcore band. From 2011 onwards, he began collaborating with a number of different artists and experimenting with different styles of music, from jazz to techno. In the spring of 2022, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he took refuge in Georgia. There he met Arsenii Mazhuga and formed the Verhovski x Majouga project with him. He settled in Marseille and became a member of the Agency of Artists in exile.