Rozdobudko Yana

  • country
  • Ukraine
  • disciplines
  • drawing, illustration, painting, sculpture
  • languages
  • English, Russian, Ukrainian
  • born on 29.08.1983
  • in Donetsk, Ukraine
  • lives in Marseille, France

contact information


Born on 1983 in Donetsk in Ukraine, Yana Rozdobudko is a sculptor, illustrator and painter. Graduated by the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in 2007, she was the director of her own workshop during ten years, as well as a second workshop in Crimea, which disappeared in 2014. 

She participated to the Arsenal Large Sculptural Salon  (Kyiv, Ukraine) in 2015. She also was curator in art exhibition in the Museum of Hetmanate (2011), Museum of Litriche (2015) and Museum-workshop by I.Kavaleridze (2021). In 2022, as a painter and sculptor, she made a personal  exhibition “The Silence of the Canvas” which has a big success.

She has today a new project: to built severals sculptures in a public place to thank french people for saving ukrainien children’s life. For Yana Rozdobudko, it’s very important to mark History by art.

She was forced to flee Ukraine because of war and became a member of the Agency of Artists in Exil since April 2022.