Rojas Luisa

  • country
  • Venezuela
  • disciplines
  • music, vocals, guitar, cuatro (Venezuelan), cello
  • languages
  • French, German, Spanish
  • born on 18.06.1961
  • in Caracas, Venezuela
  • lives in Paris

contact information


Born in 1961 in Caracas, Venezuela, Luisa Rojas is a musician. She began playing the cuatro, a Venezuelan instrument, and later studied the cello at the Escuela Superior de Música José Ángel Lamas in Caracas, where she performed in chamber ensembles, chamber orchestras and symphony orchestras (Sistema Nacional de las Orquestas Sinfónicas). She teaches music theory and cello, and later specializes in social education, with an emphasis on music, at the Simón Rodríguez University. She conducts workshops in emotional intelligence, planning, music pedagogy and Venezuelan music. She is the assistant director of Pro Música de Cámara and director of the Luthier Music School, and organizes musical events. In France since 2017, she is a member of l’Atelier des artistes en exil.