Ponomaryova Elen

(Ponomaryova Elen)
  • country
  • Ukraine
  • disciplines
  • photography
  • languages
  • English, Ukrainian
  • born on 14.02.1988
  • in Sevastopol, Ukraine
  • lives in Nice, France

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Born in 1988 in Sevastopol, Ukraine, Elen Ponomaryova is a contemporary photographer. In 2015, she created her own photographic studio in Kyiv (Ukraine); then she exported her work to Europe during international forums, training programmes, and personalized shootings. She is interested in the beauty of the body in newborns and adults. His photographs are enhanced with body prints in acrylic. The result of her research is illustrated through Linies and Color, projects that she started in 2021. She exhibits in Kyiv at Gulivers Art Place and in France at the Théâtre de La Licorne in Cannes (2022). She became a member of the workshop of artists in exile in April 2022.