Nganga Daouda Warshimed Helvetires

  • country
  • Congo
  • disciplines
  • choreography, dance, music, Singing
  • languages
  • French
  • born on 10.09.1982
  • in Brazzaville

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Born in 1982 in Brazzaville, Congo, Daouda Nganga showed interest in dancing at an early age. He trained himself in Afro-tradi modern dance with Chrysogone Diangouaya and Serge Bissadissi. His trip through Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali and Sénegal ensured his hopes of meeting many professional artists, particularly Martha Zepietowska Siddhartha. Later on, he and the dancer Mbarou Ndiaye founded the company ‘Sara’, which they created during their performances at Dakar French Institute and at Afrikawa Festival. Since 2016, he has been participating in workshops intensives throughout Paris and works with Tierry Thieu Niang.