Mobasher Babak Amir

  • country
  • Iran
  • disciplines
  • music, guitar, cello, composer
  • languages
  • farsi, english, french
  • born on 25.12.1975
  • in Tehran, Iran
  • lives in Paris, France

contact information


Born in 1972 in Tehran, Iran, Babak Amir Mobasher is a musician. He began teaching himself the classical guitar at the age of 16, developing a Flamenco style. Alongside Master Guitarists Shahin Alvai and Aïda Nosrat, they formed the group Ea (“the goddess” in ancient Persian). His wife, Aïda Nosrat, and he also founded the group Manushan. Together, they developed a musical aesthetic that mixes various influences: jazz, gypsy-jazz, flamenco and elements of Persian and Azeri music. He arrived in France in 2016.