Latif Eshraq Gholami

  • country
  • Afghanistan
  • disciplines
  • painting, visual art
  • languages
  • English, Persian
  • born on 01.01.1970
  • in Ghazni, Afghanistan
  • lives in Marseille

contact information


Born in 1970 in Ghazni, Afghanistan, Latif Eshraq Gholami is a painter. He left his country during the Soviet war to settle in Iran, where he worked in construction and painted in his free time. During his stay, he learned to work with color and realistic painting techniques from Iranian masters. He left for Kuwait in order to obtain his papers, and lived from his painting there. The wealthy families of the country bought his paintings and he managed to earn a good living. Still not getting his papers, he decided in 2006 to return to Afghanistan, then became a teacher and organized exhibitions in schools until 2010. He then moved to Kabul and opened a studio in which he will teach as well as paint. For 10 years, he painted large formats to denounce the horrific scenes of his daily life. In 2019, Latif Eshraq presents his work at the MuCEM as part of the exhibition Kharmohra, Afghanistan at the risk of art. He lives in Marseille and is a member of l’Atelier des artistes en exil since December 2021.