Korotchenko Maxim

  • country
  • Russia
  • disciplines
  • photography
  • languages
  • English, French, Russian
  • born on 05.12.1982
  • in Astrakhan, Russia
  • lives in Paris, France

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Born in 1982 in Astrakhan, Russia, Maxim Korotchenko is a photographer. He started his career as a photographer for the local press. Later he became a freelance photographer, working for different media and creating his own projects. The main subject of his photos is the everyday life of the inhabitants of the Volga delta.

Maxim Korotchenko exhibits his work in Russia, Germany and the United States. He has won several awards such as the Siena International Photography Award in 2019 and the first prize in the Paris Sport Photo competition in 2021. In 2022, he left Russia and became a member of l’Atelier des artistes en exil.