Ibrahimi Ibrahim

©Alexandre Katchkaev
  • country
  • Afghanistan
  • disciplines
  • composing, music, percussion
  • languages
  • Dari, Pashto, Persian, urdu
  • born on 23.07.1972
  • in Nangarhar, Afghanistan
  • lives in Paris, France

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Born in 1972 in Nangarhar, Afghanistan, in a musicians’ family, Ustad Ibrahim Ibrahimi is an acknowledged tabla master – classic and traditional percussions – and a music composer. Graduated from Mia Sahib Qader Bakhsh Music High School, he studied with Ustad Sabz Ali Khan. He taught at the Music National Institute of Afghanistan and worked at the Afghan Radio and Television (RTA). He mainly performed with traditional ensembles but also joined classic, pop, jazz and rock music groups, playing with lots of musicians. He performed internationally in Iran, India, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. He sought asylum in France in August 2021 after the Taliban took over Kabul and became a member of the agency of artists in exile.