Ibrahim Omar

  • country
  • Syria
  • disciplines
  • calligraphy, drawing, graphic design, painting, sculpture, graphic design
  • languages
  • english, arabic, french
  • born on 21.01.1978
  • in Sweida, Syria
  • lives in Bayonne, France

contact information


Born in 1978 in Sweida, Syria, Omar graduated from the Fine Arts College in Damascus with a focus in sculpture. He also studied painting, graphic design, and interior design. He is an artistic consultant, the founder of the Cocoon Agency, and teaches calligraphy. He transits between Dubai and Beirut where he is in charge of ground operations for the NGO Première Urgence Internationale. After he became a concern to local authorities in Syria, he claimed residency in France in 2015. He exhibited in Syria, Lebanon, the United States, Japan, England and France (showcases at the Ministry of Culture at the Royal Palace, the Palace of the Golden Gate, and 2018 “Visions d’exil” festival). He teaches calligraphy at Sciences Po in Paris and Reims, also in the Superior Art School of the Basque Country (ESAPB) with the support of the PAUSE program of the Collège de France. He has been a member of the agency of artists in exile since 2017.