Boussaoula Hamza

  • Male
  • country
  • —, Western sahara
  • disciplines
  • music, percussion, percussion, guitar, bass
  • languages
  • Arabic, Spanish, French
  • born on 03.10.1994
  • in Laayoune, Western Sahara
  • lives in Paris, France

contact information


Boussaoula was born in October of 1994 in the Western Saharan village of Laayoune, a place known for its numerous rebellious confrontations between its people and Moroccan authorities. Hamza is a musician, composer and producer, and plays the piano, guitar, bass and percussion. His style varies between traditional Saharan music, gnawa, traditional Moroccan music and rai. After committing himself to the Western Sahara Cause of Independence, the Moroccan authorities targeted him, forcing him to leave his country and seek refuge in France. He arrived on July 18th, 2018. Since his arrival, he participated in the de la provence au Cameroon show in Montreuil as well as in “Visions of exile” Festival organized by the Agency of Artists in Exile.