Gevorg Grisha Vardumian

  • country
  • Georgia
  • disciplines
  • sculpture
  • languages
  • French, Russian
  • born on 25.08.1962
  • in Georgia
  • lives in Marseille

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Gevorg Grisha Vardumian is an Armenian-Russian sculptor born in 1962 in the USSR, in what is now Georgia. After studying with the St. Petersburg sculptors Galina and Alexander Jelezniakov, who were later victims of the Soviet system, Gevorg Vardumian continued his studies at Moscow University in the 1990s. He was a member of the Union of Soviet Painters, a structure supporting many artists until the collapse of the Soviet Union. Although his views did not necessarily coincide with those of the government, during this period he fulfilled many monumental commissions, such as The Patriot, and participated in exhibitions organized by the St. Petersburg municipality.

Defining himself as an impressionist, Vardumian used themes such as love and friendship in his works and political themes such as opposition to fascism. He advocates the idea that situations of turmoil and crisis are conducive to creation. He currently lives in Marseille and continues to create. He is a member of l’Atelier des artistes en exil since April 2022.