Fazeli Mohsen

  • country
  • Iran
  • disciplines
  • composing, music, null-fr, singing
  • languages
  • English, Farsi, French
  • born on 18.09.1974
  • in Téhéran, Iran
  • lives in Paris, France

contact information


Born in 1974 in Teheran, Iran, Mohsen Fazeli is a singer and musician. He has sang and played târ and setâr professionally since 1997. He entered the house of music of Iran in 2001, and gave many concerts as well as performed during many festivals as târ soloist and singer in France, Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland, Tunisia and Iran. Mohsen has been soloist at the philharmonic orchestra in Paris since 2015; he has collaborated with French, Algerian, Sudanese, Moroccans, Greek, Tunisian, Turkish, Syrian and Iranian orchestras. In 2019 he created the quatuor Varan Musique. He has been a member of the agency of artists in exile since 2018.