Falkov Stas

©Alexandre Katchkaev
  • country
  • Russia
  • disciplines
  • visual art, painting, printing techniques, drawing, photography, video editing
  • languages
  • English, Russian
  • born on 21.07.1987
  • in Tyumen, Russia
  • lives in Paris

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Born in 1987 in Tyumen, Russia, Stas Falkov is a visual artist, photographer and designer. He is part of Kruzhok, a community of designers, artists, musicians and curators working with objects of contemporary culture. He exhibited the Sansara project at Errring Office in 2020, and Pirate installation in 2021 in Moscow. Arrived in France in 2022, his work was presented at Banlieues Bleues during the festival Visions d’exil of the aa-e, as well as currently at the Cité Miroir, Musée de la Mémoire in Liège as part of the exhibition Mères d’exil. Stas Falkov has been a member of l’Atelier des artistes en exil since 2022.