Dighya Moh-Salem

  • Woman
  • country
  • Western sahara
  • disciplines
  • Singing, chant
  • languages
  • arabe, espagnol
  • life at France, Paris

contact information


Born in 1966 in Al Dakhla, in Western Sahara, Digja Mohammed is a singer. Because of the war, she was forced to quit her country and get rescued in a camp at algerian border before she left for Lybia. In 1987, she recorded her first song « Haya Shababna » and was rewarded as the best singer of her region. In 1989, she was invited to sing along in a revolutionnary wester sahara music band « Shaheed El Wali ». In the same year, they recorded their first album and did a tour all around Europe. Digjja joined the atelier in september 2018 and created the band « Didjja » with other musicians from the atelier. The band played during the « open doors » of the atelier and during the 2018 edition of the Vision d’Exile Festival.