Demina Sasha

  • country
  • Russia
  • disciplines
  • visual art, drawing, installation, tapestry
  • languages
  • English, Russian
  • born on 23.01.2000
  • in Moscow, Russia
  • lives in Paris

contact information


Born in Moscow in 2000, Alexandra Demina is a visual artist and musician. She studied at the Moscow International Film School and the Krasnodar Contemporary Art Center “Typography” (ZIP group). She takes part in expeditions to the Murmansk region and the Caucasus, and exhibits in Russia, Armenia and France. She is interested in the place of women in society, nomadism and minority peoples and communities in Russia and Armenia. Her practice explores traditional arts such as weaving and musical improvisation, reinventing them in a modern context. Arriving in France in 2022, she is a member of the Atelier des Artistes en Exil. She studies at the École nationale supérieure de création industrielle (ENSCI – Les Ateliers).