Daggezen Bilal

(Bilal Daggezen)
  • country
  • Turkey
  • disciplines
  • cartooning, drawing, journalism, painting, press illustration, drawing, journalism
  • languages
  • turkish, english, albanian
  • born on 22.07.1993
  • in Izmir, Turkey
  • lives in Paris, France

contact information


Born in 1993 in Izmir, Turkey, Bilal Daggezen is a press cartoonist and works for different media in Turkey. He studied Turkish language and literature at Bedër University in Tirana, Albania. He coordinates cultural events. He flees Turkey for France in 2017, he is taken care of by la maison des journalistes and the agency of artists in exile. He joins the Visiting Students Programme of the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs in Paris. He is a member of the associations Les Humoristes and France-Cartoons.