Calderon Ellis Tatiana

  • country
  • Colombia
  • disciplines
  • music
  • languages
  • French, Spanish
  • born on 01.10.1987

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Born in 1987 . Barrancabermeja in Colombia, Tatiana Calderón Ellis is a playwright, actress, writer and gaïta player. A graduate of Bogotá’s Teatro Libre, she founded her own theatre company, Puerto Teatro, in 2008. As an actress, she has performed at international theatre festivals in Latin America, Spain and France, and on TV. As an artist and environmental activist, she performs in the offices of multinationals to raise awareness among workers of the wealth of biodiversity in Colombia. She has written 19 plays denouncing the ecocide and genocide perpetrated by agribusiness. In 2021, she began work on a novel, The Happiest Village in the World. She wrote song lyrics, including “Olvidar Bailando”, performed by the Colombian salsa group La 33. She plays the gaïta with Marseille-based Latinosabor, a group that fuses Colombian tradition with electronic music. She arrived in France in 2022 and is a member of the Agency of Artists in Exile .