Breno Angelo

  • country
  • Brazil
  • disciplines
  • choreography, dance
  • languages
  • English, French, Portugese, Spanish
  • born on 25.07.1988
  • in Rio de Janeiro, Brésil
  • lives in Marseille, France

contact information


Born in 1988 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Breno Angelo is a dancer, performer and choreographer. He graduated from the dance and theater union in 2007. He joined the dance/theater company Corpo em Cena in Rio de Janeiro where he distinguished himself as artistic director. Breno launched into a social fight that promotes the inclusion of a disadvantaged public in dance with various local associations.
In 2017, he arrived in France and joined the traveling company ARENA PRODUCTIONS as a choreographer and solo dancer (Grand Cirque Sur L’Eau season – 2018, Cirque de Noël d’Aladdin à Bordeaux – 2018/2019, Cirque Medrano – 2018 /2019).
In 2019, he founded collective B in Marseille with the aim of developing regular training for professional dancers. In 2021, he began a collaboration as a dancer with the Art For Gaia company (Landscape show presented at the Festival Nuits du Château in Tour D’Aigues and at the Festival D’Allauch).
In 2022, he joined the Mutanza company with the Vivimi E Non Guardami project led by choreographer Greta Sandon, which offers dance lessons and the creation of shows for blind and visually impaired people in partnership with the UNADEV-Marseille association. He was programmed at the Festival De Marseille with the inclusive dance company “L’autre Maison” in June 2022. Breno Angelo creates, in parallel, his own dance company En Solite. He has been a member of the workshop of artists in exile since its creation in the southern region, in October 2021.