Boussaoula Hamza

  • country
  • Western sahara
  • disciplines
  • music, percussion, guitar, bass
  • languages
  • arabic, french, spanish
  • born 03.10.1994
  • in Laâyoune, Sahara occidental
  • lives in Paris, France

contact information


Born in 1994 in Laâyoune, Western Sahara, Hamza Boussaoula is a musician, composer and producer. A multi-instrumentalist, he plays piano, guitar, bass and percussion. His style varies between traditional Saharan, Moroccan, Gnawa and Raï music. Involved in the struggle for Western Saharan independence, he fled to France in 2018. He took part in the show De la Provence au Cameroun and played with various groups: les chants du Nil, Wary, Dighya Moh-Salem Band. He has been a member of L’atelier des artistes en exil since 2018.