Bobrov Taras

  • country
  • Ukraine
  • disciplines
  • painting, visual art
  • languages
  • English, Russian, Ukrainian
  • born on 06.01.1988
  • in Karkiv - Ukraine

contact information


Born in 1988 in Kharkov, Ukraine. Taras Bobrov is a visual artist and photographer. He has been practicing street photography for over ten years, capturing people and things happening on city streets. His work has been exhibited in Kiev, Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw and Paris. Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine in February 2022, he has been living in France. He is a member of the Artists in Exile Workshop.

In June 2018, Taras Bobrov photographed Andrei in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Andrei is homeless. His life has been turned upside down by the amputation of his toes caused by the cold. One night, he tells his story. In the morning, at dawn, standing on crutches, he is a figure of struggle and resilience.