Bah Boubacar

(Bagada Wonson)
  • country
  • Guinea
  • disciplines
  • singing
  • languages
  • French, Peul
  • born on 12.07.1982
  • in Labé, Guinée

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Born in 1982 in Labé, Guinea as Bagada Wonson, he changed his name to Boubacar Bah and became a singer. He started singing in 1996 when he was only 14. In 2000, he moved into Conakry and he recorded his first song Bagada ka winbho. Afterwards, he created his music group, Prisonniers Révoltés; they released their first album Halaye fop in 2011. He then started a solo music career with his album Fopotofop (2014). He released various hits such as : Hikka lammapare (2013), Yo Kadheefere (2016), Bere yarè (2018) and Ragga bolal featuring Big Soul 224 (2022). He lives in France and his new album Fopoto fop 2, produced by FIFOP production, of which he is the director, is in progress. He is a member of the agency of artists in exile.