• country
  • Chili
  • disciplines
  • base guitar
  • languages
  • French, Spanish
  • born on 20.02.1986
  • in Santiago, Chili
  • lives in Marseille, France

contact information


Azro was born on February 20, 1986 in Santiago, Chile, while the country was still under military dictatorship. The political repression, the heterosexual dictatorship, firmly supported by the religious culture imposed by colonialism and capitalism, are part of the environment in which Azro grows up. In search of forms of expression related to art from his early years, he explored drawing, sculpture and music, to finally train in film at the university, he will hold a title of filmmaker with honors in editing and post production. Music being an important part of his work, in Chile he began to explore punk and later joined the feminist post-punk garage band “Blasfemme”.

Thus, he also begins to explore noise and experimental music, the state of trance caused by the repetition of musical phrases being one of his great interests in sound research. “Viacombusta” began in Chile but it was in Marseille that it took shape, this solo noise beat project using machines, composed of loops of his texts and samples recorded directly in nature, creates an atmosphere of pagan ritual.He is now working on a new solo project using bass guitar, mechanical percussion and declamation of texts written in resistance by South American artists.